Magic Happens Parade at Disneyland

February 29, 2020



#Disneyland opened their new #parade, Magic Happens on February 28, 2020.  I watched the afternoon and evening version.  I like the evening version better, but it's meant to be a daytime parade, so you'll only be able to see it at night during the winter months, when it's dark at 6 pm Pacific time. 


The full video of the evening parade is here:


As a dancer (a long time ago) and choreographer, I'm always interested in the choreography and dancing, not just the floats and characters.  I love the choreography for this parade.  It fits so well with the theme of each float.  They pulled out all the stops.  The floats are beautiful too.  I was so surprised to see a float for The Sword and the Stone.  It's such an old movie, but #Merlin was great.  #Moana got her own float along with #Maui, and I loved the #Polynesian dancers, the females who led off before Moana, and the males, who preceded Maui.  Next came the #Coco float led by dancers in wide circle skirts that they can remove to use as a cape--very clever.  #Miguel is featured with the guitar to compete, and his ancestors are also represented.  Next comes the #Frozen2 float with #Elsa at the top of her ice castle, #Anna and #Olaf near the middle.  The float features a representation of the forest with fall colored trees to the back with the ice from Elsa.  #Sven stands on the back and #Christoff follows with his hand cart, greeting guests along the way. Now it's time for some classic characters including #Pinocchio, the #BlueFairy, #Aladdin, the #Genie, #FairyGodMother, #PeterPan, and #Tinkerbell, who is walking.  I think it's the only parade that has her walking.  She usually is on a float and often with her own. #Cinderella follows in her #pumpkin inspired #carriage float.  #Merlin and #Authur from #TheSwordInTheStone follow, which surprised me since it's such an old show, but I loved Merlin.  #Princess #Tiana got her own float inspired by the trees of the Bayou, and it concluded with #SleepingBeauty with the fairies #Flora, #Fauna, and #Merryweather.  #Aurora's dress looked both pink and blue, depending on the light, a nod to the end of the show with "Make it blue" and "Make it pink."  


Overall, I really liked the parade.  It wasn't as high energy as #Soundsational, but I preferred the choreography and floats to that parade.  Nothing will top #PaintTheNight in my book, but I still enjoyed it.  Very worth the time.


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