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"I only want to do Disneyland with Rose!! We were able to do every ride and rarely waited longer than 5 minutes. Shows were added at perfect times to take a "rest" so we weren't standing and walking all day. She took pictures for us, knew exactly where to get the best food, and was flexible to our needs. She took care of and entertained our two young kids, taking them on other rides while the adults went on the "big" rides, and stayed with my one-year-old while he was sleeping in the stroller while the rest of us went into a show. He got his full nap and none of us had to miss the show!" 


utah, usa

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"What an extraordinary day with Magical Mouse Tours! Without this tour we would have been lost and our time wasted in queues, just being overwhelmed. We were so impressed by her knowledge about the parks, and managing our day so that we could focus on having fun and enjoying each others company. The photos she took for us will be memories that last forever, and we appreciate her more than words can say! It will be in our hearts!"



south africa

"Without a doubt, this was the best value, and it was money well spent. Rose made our Disneyland trip easy so we could just enjoy it.  She took care of everything from standing in line for us before the park opened, to ensuring through her extensive knowledge that we never waited more than 5 minutes to ride an attraction, to watching a sleeping baby, so we could all do the attractions. She even took the pictures and suggested where to eat based on our preferences. A great day!"


massachusetts, usa

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"Rose surpassed all of my (high) expectations of what the full Disneyland experience is like. We got to ride ALL the rides, and even the best ones, twice or three times!  She made navigating Disney with an infant a breeze. We rode all the rides, saw shows, the parades and had time for nice afternoon naps haha. She knows every factoid there is to know about all things Disney and I can honestly guarantee you won't be disappointed."


ohio, usa

"When you have people of all ages (our group was ages 5-60) it can be hard to manage [everyone's preferences] but with Rose, it was a breeze. She meets EVERYONE'S needs effortlessly! Seriously, the best money we spent at Disneyland. No family arguments because Rose kept us on track and happy!... Truly MAGICAL!!!!!  Hire her to make Disneyland truly amazing! We will definitely be using her again!


hawaii, usa


"Having our Magical Mouse Tour guide was a GAME CHANGER! We went to Disneyland during the Thanksgiving Holidays when it was extremely crowded! But we really never felt the impact. Rides posting a 3 hour wait we walked on in 20ish minutes!! It was amazing! As a bonus she shares interesting information about Disney history! Rose made our Disney experience truly magical! Magical Mouse Tours is a must to maximize your Disney experience!"


california, usa

"Great value and great experience! Our guide, Rose, knew everything in Disneyland and California Adventure - from the best rides to the small tips for getting the best view of the parade and meeting the characters. We enjoyed the park as VIPs, with minimum time in lines and a fun and knowledgeable guide! Highly recommended"





washington, usa


"You MUST HIRE Rose from Magical Mouse Tours! We will never do Disneyland again without her! With a large group and a little baby, our vacation could have been full of contention and frustration, arguing over ride and food preferences. Rose created a fool-proof schedule for us, allowing us to basically walk on any ride we wanted...If you want to experience all that Disney has to offer AND get the best bang for your buck, Magical Mouse Tours is a must!"

Rose gave us the Disney experience I never thought possible. We loved all of her recommendations. We were able to experience all of the rides at Disney, three shows and many character meets in one day. Then did the same at California Adventure the following day. We never had to wait in any lines. Rose was a joy to spend the day with. You can tell she’s really passionate about making the perfect Disney day for your family. She quickly felt like part of our family and we missed her when we had to say goodbye. I know I would’ve missed out on all Disneyland had to offer without her. Thank you for the magical Disney experience I always dreamed of!



washington, usa

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