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meet Rose

your Magical mouse Tours owner

I love Disneyland and am passionate about helping others have the best possible experience.  I'm so sad, when I see a group at Disney frustrated, upset, and unhappy at the "Happiest Place on Earth".  I want to tell them, "It doesn't have to be this way. These moments should be filled with fun, happiness, bonding, love...with Magic." Of course that's what they hope for and desire but don't know how to do it.  That's where I come in.

I'm Rose, your Magical Mouse Tours guide! I raised my six children twenty minutes away from Disneyland, so naturally, I feel I raised my children in Disneyland!  I started planning our family days at the park nearly 30 years ago.  With 6 children I had to be on top of it. Then out-of-town family and friends would come to Southern California, and I would plan their day and escort them through Disneyland & California Adventure.  They were all amazed at how positive the whole experience was--no waiting in long lines, no fighting the crowds, no frantic, stressful moments, no fighting about what to do next, and even seeing so many things they didn't even know existed.  They exclaimed what a difference it made for them. 


After over 1,000 visits (you heard that right!), I have discovered the most effective way to experience the happiest place on earth! I've combined my experience with hundreds of insider tips to create the most fun-packed, time-efficient Disney experience for your group!


I love planning  (I'm weird that way) and  love making the most of my day and HAVING FUN!  I also hate waiting in lines and fighting crowds.  So these are the skills, experience, and expertise I bring as a Disneyland Private Tour Guide.  I get to create lasting and positive memories for my customers.  There's nothing better!   My objective is that my customers can sit back and enjoy the magic and wonder of Disneyland, just like a child, and  leave it loving it like I do.

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