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Mobile Ordering, the good, the bad, and the ugly

Disneyland started mobile ordering, which allows guests to order their food at select quick service restaurants through the app on their mobile phone.

I had a magical experience with it and a terrible one. I went to Disneyland May 22, the day after the program started for annual passholders for the main purpose to try this service. I ordered this blueberry muffin from the Jolley Holiday

The process was so easy. I got on my app as we were exiting Pirates of the Caribbean and chose the muffin, set the window from the current time to 30 minutes later, purchased it with my saved credit card on the app that automatically applied my passholder discount. Then as I approached the Tiki Room, which is right next to Jolly Holiday, I clicked, "I'm here" on the app. When we got to the restaurant we went right up to the pickup window, and our muffin was waiting for us....along with the manager and chef, who announced I was the first guest to use mobile ordering there that day. They took our picture and gave us this free Millenial pink Mickey Mouse Macaron, that was to die for---INCREDIBLE!

It was so good. The whole experience was...well magical. I became a huge fan....but then

The next week I decided to use mobile ordering again for our lunch at the Rose Tavern in Fantasyland. We ordered our Slow-cooked Beef Poutine ($10.99), which was incredibly good. My son was not in the mood for a burger, and this Poutine exceeded his expectations. He didn't know what to expect from it, but loved it:

I odered the Chef's Chopped Salad with Grilled Chicken ($10.49), which was smaller than I anticipated but I enjoyed it.

Of course we had to get Grey Stuff Gateau ($5.49). That's the main attraction for this

restaurant, and like always it was delicious. The food was great, but the mobile ordering was the ugly. Like the week before I ordered right after coming off a ride, as we walked to the restaurant. This was easy and convenient. As we entered Fantasyland, I clicked "I'm here" for them to start our order. The app is then supposed to alert me, when the order is completed so I can pick it up at the pick up window. We found a table and waited, and waited, until the 30 minute window was about to close. I didn't want them to throw my food away and charge me for not showing up to pick it up, so I went to the pick up window to find out what the problem was. Well, they had the order and showed on their computer that we had been alerted, but I showed them on my phone that I had NOT been alerted and it still showed, "preparing your order". They got a lead who refunded my payment for the inconvenience and gave us our food. That made it all worth it.

All in all, 2 mobile orders with 2 meals, one muffin, and 2 desserts, and I only paid for the muffin. Not bad.

I think as soon as they get the software bugs worked out, it will be fabulous. I can't wait to use it at Smokejumpers, that so often has long lines.

Here are the directions directly from Disneyland:

This is a great description of the process:

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