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Wait times for rides are rarely more than 20 minutes, mostly less than 10  -- even for big-ticket rides like Space Mountain!



No more arguments about when to do what. I strategically plan your entire day, down to the 10 minute mark. Just follow me and we'll hit it all! 

I'll provide you the best of the best, along with great views, when it comes to Disney's shows, performances and parades! All without showing up hours before.


Your kids (or you) dying to meet certain characters? I'll save your place, so you don't wait, and make it more magical! I'll also take the pics so no one is left out.


I watch the little ones, so you can enjoy the "big rides" together--no child swap. It also provides another adult to ride with young one.

TOUR packages

Rides Tour

For the best rides experience possible, we customize and prioritize.


We create your ride experience based on your group's priorities. We mix our tour guides' expertise and experience to achieve extremely short wait-times. We're talking 20 minutes, but usually less than 10!


Rides Tour allows your group to ride together while our guides stay with, take care of, and/or entertain any and all non-riders (children).

Book your Rides Tour today!

Magical Tour

Not to boast but...this tour lives up to its name! We create a magical day for you by planning around your group's specific wants and needs -- from rides to entertainment to dining!


Magical Tour includes everything in the Rides Tour plus working with you beforehand to meticulously plan your day and a whole lot more!


Working around Disney's rotating schedules (entertainment, parades, & character times), we save your group's place in line for character meets and increase the magic of the meet. Because who wants to wait  60+ minutes to meet their favorite princess? 


We schedule and save spots for shows and parades to ensure you see the best of Disney's entertainment. 


Ever heard of a Tigger Tail? We share an endless supply of Disney's best restaurants, food, and treats.

We also send you tips and information to better prepare for you Disneyland days.


Book your Magical Tour today! 

Rides Tour starts at $50/hour (up to 5 guests)

Magical Tour starts at $100/hour (up to 10 guests)


Tours are a minimum of 6 consecutive hours

Contact us for pricing over 8 hours.

want us to handle everything?

we'll handle planning, accommodations, transportation, and dining! simply add an "all-inclusive" option to your all-day Magical tour.

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