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Full Circle ride of the #MagicKingdom from the Tender Box of the #Disneyland #Railroad

There are so many things that can make your day at Disneyland more #magical--like riding on the #Tender Box of a #steam #locomotive on the #Disneyland #railroad right behind the #engineer and the #fireman. Recently I did just this. I love being able to pick the brains of the engineer and fireman the whole time finding out more about how these amazing steam engines work.

Disneyland owns 5 steam locomotives, two of which were built specifically for Disneyland. The other three were refurbished, painted, and updated for the Disneyland Resort. They originally came from other places and built before Disneyland was even a thought. The oldest was built in 1894. You can only catch the train for a tender box #ride at the #Main Street #Station and it's not always available but when it is, it is an amazing experience riding there in front while making the full circle #tour of the #MagicKingdom from the view of the engineer and fireman right behind the #SteamLocomotive. You have to talk to the

station Master at the Main Street Station and see if it's available. We had to wait about 20 minutes for the proper train to come around that would allow us to sit there. It was so fun! I absolutely loved it! Of course I love learning about engineering and seeing how things work, but seeing the view from there was the best.

You can find out more about the Disneyland trains from a recent Disneyland blog

For a video of our full circle ride around the Magic Kingdom go to my videos. Part one is from Main Street Station, through New Orleans Square Station, to #Mickey's #Toontown Station. Part 2 continues from Mickey's Toontown Station, through the #TomorrowLand Station and #GrandCanyon and #Primeval World--Land of the #Dinosaurs, finishing right back at Main Street Station.

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