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Disney to ban overly large strollers and stroller wagons

#StrollerWagons banned at #Disney #Parks

Disney has busy parks with lots of people in them, including lots and lots of children. Along with these children come lots of strollers. This is understandable, and as a mother of 6, I've brought many a stroller to the Disneyland Resort, even double strollers, since I had my 6 children in 10 years, they were close together, and I needed of a double stroller. I've also looked longingly at the big wagon strollers that have shown up at Disneyland lately and thought how nice those would have been for me--to be able to have my child lie down like in a bed in one of those instead of taking a cat nap in a reclining position in a traditional stroller. However, these are VERY big, and Disney has decided they are too big for their very busy and crowded parks. So, as of May 1, 2019, these stroller wagons and oversized strollers will no longer be allowed. The strollers can no longer be wider than 31"(79 cm) and 52" (132 cm) long. Disney is taking measures to hopefully be able to stop guests from bringing them before they enter the parks, just to be turned away. They will be checking them at the security checkpoints, but unlike with "selfie-sticks" that Disney just confiscated, guests will be able to "check" their strollers at the entrance and then be able to rent a Disney stroller. Disneyland will soon be adding double strollers to their rental offerings to compensate for this change.

See more details at the official Disneyland blog here:

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