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Pixar Fest Foods to die for...or not, part 1

I tried 2 #Pixar #Fest #treats and one #food item. I liked them all, but the treats...oh my Walt, they were so good.

Hanbenaro Meatball Cone

Let's start with the "real" food, after all shouldn't you eat your dinner before dessert. I tried the #Habanero Meatball Cone from the Cozy Cone in Carsland, in California Adventure. I was nervous because of the possible "heat" of the habanero, but I'm happy to report it wasn't too hot. My daughter would have been disappointed--things can't be picante (spicy) enough for her. There were a fair number of meatballs, in fact I was amazed at how much meat, but they're all on the top. The pasta is below, so it's hard to combine them in the cone, but it was filling and good. For $8.99 it was a good lunch.

Orange & White Cotton Candy

Next is the Orange and White (think orange #creamsicle) cotton candy. I love orange creamsicles, and I have tried other offerings with this flavor (beignets) and been incredibly disappointed, but this cotton candy was perfect. The flavor was impeccable. I rarely get cotton candy, and I hate the traditional cotton candy flavor, but I wanted more of this. It can be found at the cart across from Storybook Land Canal boats, by the Mad Hatter in Fantasyland, in Disneyland. Totally worth the premium $5.25 price tag.

Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait

Finally, the Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait at Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats in the soon to open Pixar Pier in California Adventure. This is a permanent item, not just for Pixar Fest, but I’m so glad it’s here to stay. #Lemon soft-serve (think Dole Whip but with lemon flavor) with a layer of blueberry slush---SOOO GOOD! I loved it. My friend got the Snow-Capped Lemon cone (lemon soft serve dipped in white chocolate), which was also amazing. I loved the Parfait, but it was too big for me to finish myself, so next time it’s just me, I’ll get the cone, but if I have someone to share it with—definitely. The combination of lemon and blueberry was right on and so refreshing. I expect it to be a fan favorite. The line gets long though. The parfait is $5.99, and the Snow-Capped cone is $4.59.

#PixarFest #PixarPier #parfait #CottonCandy #meatballs

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