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Not really a "Feast" for 4 at the Three Broomsticks at Universal Studios Hollywood

I've had the "Feast for four" before at the Three Broomsticks. Once at the #Wizarding World of #HarryPotter at #Universal #Studios in #Orlando and at the same land at Universal Studios #Hollywood. Back then it was more of a feast for 6. We had 5 people and couldn't come close to finishing it, so when we went recently to Hollywood with four people, we decided to have it again. After all we had 3 men, including a 17 year old, football player, teenager and young adult, who are both HUGE eaters. I figured it would be just right for us, since I don't eat much. I was, unfortunately, disappointed. They have significantly decreased the size of the "feast" from years past. We not only easily finished everything, my sons were still hungry, even with the addition of the super sweet Pumpkin Juices (tastes like pumpkin and apple pie in a glass). As you can see the BBQ chicken consisted of 4 legs, 4 small legs, I might add (these were super model chickens) instead of the previous 4 half chickens. The amount of potatoes and vegetables seemed about half. The salad and corn on the cob were the only things that seemed the same as before. Also, the BBQ ribs were rather disappointing, with a lot of fat and not a log of meat, however, when my husband complained to the Team Member, she brought 2 new ribs that were much better.

We are going again during the Christmas holiday and were planning on getting it for all 6 of us, but that plan has definitely changed. I think we'll stick with the Fish and Chips, which by the way, are the best I've ever had.

We at Magical Mouse Tours don't do #VIPTours at Universal, but many of our guests, who go to #Disneyalnd, also take a day to go to Universal Studios Hollywood. We have a "tried and true" #TouringPlan for this park, that we periodically test and update, which we give to our guests, that is effective all but the most busy days. On those days, I recommend getting the #ExpressPass or splurging on the #VIPExperience, which is NOT a customized, private VIP tour, like Magical Mouse Tours does at Disneyland, but gets you to the #BackStage areas of Universal and includes a free, private lunch buffet.

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