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Dumbo Queue--get ready for loooong lines...but at least it's shaded

The walls have finally come down around Dumbo revealing the new queue. Now there's plenty of space to have a 60 minute or longer standby line. Before, there really wasn't room for a longer than 40 minute line without it severely impacting the walkways. The procedure has also changed. While before the guests were given a "feather" (at one time it was a thick, plastic, black feather, but then changed to a laminated card--too many people probably "forgot" to give the plastic one back) for each elephant, to make sure everyone had one. Now, each elephant is not only colored but numbered:

and there's a corresponding colored number on the ground that you stand on to signify the elephant that will be yours

The cast member will assign you a number, but I'm sure if you have a favorite color, you'll be able to request it. I like the tile inlaid in the cement. I thought it was pretty.

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