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New Elements in Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland just reopened with some changes including removing the water screen of Davy Jones, but adding a new scene in this dark tunnel, featuring a half skeleton, half alive pirate next to an octopus. This was totally surprising.

The main change, and the reason we all knew for it being closed was the change of the auction scene. No more "buy a bride" or "we wants the redhead". Disney decided it wasn't appropriate to be auctioning off women. They have a point, but it's not like pirates were good guys. I was not pleased with this additional move towards "political correctness", but I was willing to wait and see how Disney did it. We all knew they were going to have the redhead now be a pirate, which is what they did, a pirate named "Redd". The animatronics are fabulous. She moves and talks and is very animated. While I still don't see pirates being willing to "buy" hens and household goods that they could have stolen themselves, Disney didn't want to appear to condone human trafficking, which I guess I can understand.

I hung out in New Orleans Square for a while to try to catch Redd herself. It took some time, but I finally found her. She is great! I took a video of her interacting with a child I didn't know, just to record her accent.

Redd in New Orleans Square

Got my picture taken with her too. She was very fun and well cast, and likes to talk---a lot. It's hard to track her down. She's not listed on the app with the times she will be available. I kept asking character CM's when she would come out. Even though I was told her first appearance would be from 10:30 to 11, she didn't come out until 11:30. She wanders around, so I just had to "hang out" in New Orleans Square until I spotted her. She was closer to Haunted Mansion than Pirates of the Caribbean, which surprised me.

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