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Where to ride Incredicoaster

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

As many know now, #California Screamin', the big roller coaster in California Adventure is now called the #Incredicoaster (IC) and is rethemed to go along with the #Incredibles. I've ridden it several times to compare the different seats to figure out the best place to experience the ride. When it was #Screamin, I always requested the back. The way they ran the ride meant that the train was half-way down the hill before it was "released" to run free, so sitting in the back meant you got the longest drop (I'm all about the most thrills). The first time I rode IC I requested the back, and it was a great ride, but then I rode it again and requested the front row this time. Well it was a totally different experience. Most of the new Incredibles theming could not be seen from the back. I missed half of the visuals, and the other half were barely seen, but from the front--I could see it all. It was so much better--theming wise--from the front. Inside all the tunnels as the train is approaching a hill apex and starting down are now visuals of the Incredibles. From that back seat, with another row of seats right in front of you, a lot of these things were lost. From the front, there was nothing to get in your way. The good news though is you can see the vast majority of the visuals from any odd numbered row. The trains on Incredicoaster are made up of 6 "cars" with 2 rows of 2 seats each, so while the even numbered rows have a row of seats right in front of it, obscuring the view, the odd numbered rows are the front of each "car", so there's not a row right in front, so the view of the visuals is significantly better. The first row is still the best, as far as the theming visuals are, but the odd numbered rows are almost as good. The front row usually will have a longer queue, so if you don't want to wait, go ahead and just request row 3, 5, 7, 9, or 11, and you'll be good. My favorite is row 11--best of both world with best thrill and great visuals.

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