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Monkey Bride in the Attic of #HauntedMansion #NighmareBeforeChristmas overlay video

Every year during the #NighmareBeforeChristmas overlay on the #HauntedMansion at #Disneyland, a “Monkey Bride” is added to the attic scene, in a different place each year. Some years it’s easy to find, others it’s almost impossible (never could find it last year—2017), but I found it this year on my first ride. It’s on the left side, right past the right hand curve, a little past where the piano player usually is. It has a blinking pink “heart” in it. It’s near the back of the scene.

This is what it looks like close up with good lighting.

This is it close up but with the dark lighting usually scene in the attic.

I took a video of where it is in the attic. When you ride it next time, see if you can see it yourself.

Find the video on my YouTube page at

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