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Pumpkin Spice Beignets are back!

Three years ago, Disneyland introduced the #Pumpkin #Spice #Beignets for #Halloween, and I was in love. Oh my Walt, they were so amazing, so the next #HalloweenTime I couldn't wait to have them again, but the disappointment was extreme. They replaced those beloved Beignets with a #Cinnamon Spice. Now I love Cinnamon, but they were not my favorite, and I didn't hear a lot of praise from others either, so last year I was confident they would bring the pumpkin back, but alas, the disappointment was even worse, when #Disney introduced the #Orange flavor (like an orange #creamsicle). I had high hopes because I love creamsicles, but these were terrible. The flavor for these, along with the ones the previous year, were in the powdered sugar. The beignet dough was the same, just the powdered sugar had orange flavor in it. I was NOT a fan. They had mixed reviews from those I knew.

NOW THE WAIT IS OVER! #Disneyland brought back my beloved Pumpkin Spice Beignets, and they are as amazing as I remember. Unlike the "ugly step children" of the previous 2 years, the Pumpkin flavor is in the dough itself, not the powdered sugar, and they are to die for. If you're going to be in Disneyland during #Halloween, these are a must try, but be prepared for a long wait. They are incredibly popular and sought after, and the #Mint #Julip #Bar, where they're sold, (near #HauntedMansion in #NewOrleans Square, next to the #French Market #Restaurant) is small and unfortunately does not have #MobileOrdering yet, but they did implement the pay stations outside, so that has helped tremendously. Now they just need more CM's working there.

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