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FOOD, FOOD, FOOD at the Festival of Holidays in Disney California Adventure

Festival of Holidays Entrance at Disney California Adventure

With the start of the #Holiday #Season at the #Disneyland #Resort comes the #Festival of #Holidays at #Disney #California #Adventure, which is basically the Festival of #foods from the various holidays during this season including #Christmas, #Thanksgiving, #Hanukkah, #Kwanzaa, #Diwali and others. It's a #delicious part of festivities, but it's not cheap. The food is amazing and unique but the portions are VERY small, like less than 4 bites and usually range from $5-$8. Disney has posted a blog about the menu

...along with this blog

Since it doesn't start until November 9, I can't give any recommendations, but I'll keep you updated on reviews from others and my reviews as they go along.

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