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Holidays Lunch at Cafe Orleans featuring Chocolate Beignets, Monte Cristo Sandwich and Pomme Frites

We ate at Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square in #Disneyland mostly to try these "Lumps of Coal" #beignets. I love Disney's beignets and chocolate and peppermint flavored with strawberry ice cream? Yes! They did not disappoint. I just wish I could have eaten more. We started with the Charcuterie Board with cheeses and fruit, which was super yummy

and of course you have to heve Pommes Frites

and Monte Cristo (personally only 1 of the pieces is enough for me, which is why I brought my teenage son) when eating here, and the

chicken corn chowder was my entre. All very good.

Can you see the rich filling inside the beignets. Melt in your mouth good. Five beignets total. Enough to share!

Get them before they're gone--January 6, 2019.

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