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Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Gingerbread House--Love it

You may or may not know that each year Disneyland creates a #Gingerbread #House for their #NightmareBeforeChristmas #overlay. Some years they're downright creepy. Other times, incredibly original. This year for the #50Anniversary celebration for #HauntedMansion #Disney did a special one. It's one of my favorites. It's beautiful. The wonderful smell of gingerbread one gets when approaching the ballroom of Haunted Mansion is such a treat.

If you've never been to #Disneyland from mid September to the end of the #Christmas break (first week of January) to see this overlay, put it on your schedule. Even if you're not a fan of the movie (I admit I'm not), you'll still love the overlay. I don't like the Alice in Wonderland movie, but I love the ride.

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