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Our objective is to take all the stress out of your Disney vacation.  We use your answers to questions about your group and your wishes, desires, and preferences to customize and personalize a Disney VIP experience just for you.  You can sit back and enjoy the magic and wonder of Disneyland......just like if you were a child again.
We'll help you create your perfect day in the park by having a guide
      for 4 to 6 hours in the morning to maximize your attractions 
    •  for the whole day for those with the stamina (park opening to close or 10 pm, whichever is sooner)
    •  for the whole day with an afternoon break to get away from the heat and/or crowds and let everyone relax, nap, swim and/or go to your favorite non-park restaurant..., so your group is ready to enjoy the evening shows
    •  for the evening for the night shows (Fireworks, Fantasmic, World of Color...)
Our All-inclusive packages include accommodations, transfers, meals and a tour guide.
Your day will be customized just for you.

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All inclusive Packages


Using the information from you through questionnaires and personal communication, we spend time before we meet planning out your day to make it as smooth and special as possible.

Improve character meet experiences.


While we will not save a place for your group in a ride line, it's acceptable to save a place for character meets, since the whole group interacts with the character at once.  We know where and when characters are likely to be, how to increase the magic in meeting them, and will hold a spot for you, so you are not waiting.

Make food recommendations.


We can recommend restaurants for a meal, depending on the needs of your group and also recommend "not to miss" Disney treats.  Food at Disney can be a part of the experience with unique and seasonal offerings.  We also know tricks to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Make adjustments on the fly.


With the often unpredictability of California's Disney parks (because of the large number of locals who can show up at a moments notice), we know the parks well enough to make adjustments, if the crowds are not usual for the day and time of year or if the crowds are acting different than normal.

Minimize waits for rides.


With our knowledge of how lines build and what rides have long lines, which use Disney FastPass service and in what order is the most efficient way to choose Fastpasses, you will rarely wait more than 20 minutes for any attraction, and usually less than 10 minutes, often 5.

Maximize show experiences.

Whether it's holding a place for a show, saving a section large enough for your group for a parade or fireworks, or ensuring you don't miss that wonderful street show, We will maximize the magic with Disney's quality entertainment.

Make sure no one misses an attraction they want to experience.


Your escort will remain, entertain, and take care of the non-riders (young children), so none of your group has to miss an attraction.  You won't have to deal with rider switch or wake a sleeping baby to experience an attraction.

No need for a map.


We know where all the bathrooms are, where the short cuts are, how to avoid the crowds. You'll look like a veteran.

Make your Disney vacation more fun and more magical
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