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Changes to #Disneyland Annual Pass Program--really effects the Deluxe pass

Many people are up in arms about the changes to the Annual Pass (#AP) program starting June 2019. For the first time, annual passes will have different block out dates for Disneyland and California Adventure. (Read details here: ) Disneyland is trying to prepare for the opening of #Galaxy’s Edge otherwise known as #StarWars Land next #summer. With these changes taking place in June 2019, it’s a fair bet that Galaxy’s Edge will open that month. The biggest change seems to be for the Deluxe AP. That pass is usually only blocked on Saturdays from April through mid August, Thanksgiving weekend, the 2 weeks of the Christmas break, and Sundays before a Monday holiday, but with this announcement, the Deluxe is not only blocked from Disneyland (still can get into California Adventure) for all Fridays and Saturdays and all but one Sunday in June 2019, it’s also blocked out the whole last week, from June 21-30. This may mean the Deluxe will be blocked from Disneyland all of July and half of August, like the SoCal passes. Many non-locals, tourists, who come more often—twice a year or more—often get the Deluxe pass, but with this change, they may be really disadvantaged and will have to think about getting hoppers instead or upgrade to one of the Signature passes, which currently doesn’t have any park specific blockout days.

I’ll be anxiously waiting to look at the calendar as this month closes to see what Disney has blocked for July of 2019.

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