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Halloween In Purple at Disney California Adventure

I always liked #Halloween, especially as a #child (who doesn't like getting dressed up and getting free #candy), but as an adult, it wasn't my favorite, but I fell in love with Halloween as an adult, when #Disneyland started decorating

their parks for it. I wouldn't call orange and yellow my favorite colors, but there's something about fall colors all together that is so beautiful. #Disneyland's fall colors are the traditional colors of Halloween--orange and black with some yellows and browns sprinkled in for autumn. It's beautiful, and I love it.

Then 2 years ago Disney started decorating #California #Adventure for Halloween with the less traditional Halloween color of purple, and purple IS my favorite color, so wow. I bask in the beauty of California Adventure

and #Carsland at night during September and October.

Disney parks at night are so beautiful all times of year, but during #HalloweenTime and especially #Christmas (those blogs and pictures to come later) it is truly Magical.

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Photos courtesy of Rose, George Landis & Hansen Creative Co.

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