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What you need to know to navigate Disneyland in the rain with small children

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

This is a follow-up to a previous blog, “What to expect and plan for wet/rainy day at Disneyland” that can be found here

This blog continues with what you need if you have small children.


Just like in the previous blog you need to dress your children for the rain. If you can’t find rain boots or waterproof shoe covers in their sizes, bring an extra pair of socks and shoes to change into, when their feet get wet. Cold, wet feet are a sure way to whiny, unhappy children, and no one wants that, especially in the Happiest Place on Earth. You should also bring an extra set of clothes because even with rain gear, children seem to still mange to get wet, and since they’re small, puddles and rain that only comes up to your ankles or shins, can come up to their thighs. There are child sized ponchos. Don’t try to put an adult size poncho on a child. They’ll end up tripping on it. Make sure EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, is inside a plastic, zip up bag. Bring extra zip up bags for wet clothes. Don’t count on anything being dry because it’s in the safety of the stroller. The water can splash up into the stroller, getting everything in the basket wet.


Yes, please invest in a waterproof stroller cover that will cover the stroller and your child, including their feet, in it. I’ve seen parents trying to manage protecting their stroller-clad child with an umbrella they’re holding, and it does not work.


Children don’t always do well on attractions in the rain. They often complain about wet seats and wet face and so on. If your child is one of these (only you will know) who will NOT enjoy a ride in the rain, don’t force them. Do something else. Children can enjoy feeding the ducks even. In the lobby of the Grand California they often show Disney movies, or you could sit in the rockers on the outside patio by the fireplace. It’s a nice place to warm up and dry. Refer to the previous post of what other activities you can do in the rain.

If the weather app indicates the rain will clear, then the best option may be to take a break (I usually recommend afternoon naps for small children anyways) at your hotel or the Grand California lobby and then return to the park, when the rain clears. I just recommend being in tune with your child. I understand the expense involved in a Disneyland vacation and the desire to get your money's worth and see and do everything you hoped, but you want this to be a happy memory, not a memory of cold, wet misery with parents forcing them--"You will have fun whether you like it or not" (believe me I've seen this more times than I would have ever wanted)--to do things they're not up to. Think Quality over Quantity on rainy days and remember the objective is being together bonding and enjoying each other.

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